Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Dream Woman

My dream woman is someone who can be a great love and make our relationship last forever..Do you think that you are lucky enough to have a woman who has 100% criteria that you want? From my last experience I was learned and realized that having a relationship with someone who is 100% of my criteria won't promised me happiness and long lasting relationship..Trust and mutual respect are fantastic and intrinsic in a solid relationship but at the end of the day, please give me a loyal woman..From the past, I just see the physical attraction and the interior of the woman but it is totally wrong.. Beauty is not an important thing at all..Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W says " a woman married because of 4 reasons : her wealth, her descendants, her beauty and her religion. Do not marry a woman because of her beauty, because her beauty will destroy herself. Do not marry a woman because of her wealth, because her wealth will make her a rebellious..Marry a woman because of her religion..This is because her practice on religion can guide to the correct path..Other than that,my dream woman must always take care about me and become a supportive partner is on my side no matter what, ready to go to war with me and take on whatever obstacle life presents..She is a fighter and a faithful sidekick, through thick and thin.. I know I do, and because of that I want a woman who is not afraid to push me: to stay fit, to eat well, to work hard at my job, and in general, go out there and get what I deserve out of life..