Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5years from now?what i would like to do?

Everyone must have a goals, something to look forward to and some ambition in life. What I would like to do in 5 years?i would like to keep learning all my life. I have always enjoyed going to class and learning and find that education is very rewarding. Even if the subject that I am studying is not my favourite, I tried to find an aspect or angle in it that interests me.

Another one that I would like is to finish and get my Degree in Culinary Arts. Once I receive my degree, I will be able to get a better, more challenging job, and in turn, reduce my work schedule. This will allow me to spend more time trying to open my own restaurant.

I love making art and memories through my camera.Therefore, I want to buy Nikon D300. Actually that is my dream and if can I would like to reach it before 5years. I have an interest to play a keyboard and that is why I want to get one of them.If can, i want to buy Yamaha MM8:-)

As a normal people, I want to have a perfect beautiful life within this 5
years and of course I would love to have my own luxurious car and one beautiful mansion to live in with all the peoples that I love and care the most, where I can be proud of, I can tell of and assets that I can give to my child generationly.

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