Monday, January 19, 2009


I have registered into UITMT last semester as a student in Faculty of Hotel And Tourism Management. At first, I was numb because I did not believe that I have been accepted to be in university as this is the only offer letter came to my house other than collage offer latter. I was so nervous when I thinking how would I survive in the university and taking this course. The time that very bored is when MMS week. We have wake up early and sleep after 11p.m.We also must seat in DA for hours and hear them talking about UITMT and the education here. The activities made us so tired. the activities started early in the morning and ended late at night. We were tortured for that one whole week. So sad and tired.

After that week, our
lecture started but before that we need to check for the schedule at the notice board. The next morning my class started. I was quite excited as I entered the first class. Then I moved on to the next class and so on. I can say my days are just like that for the whole semester. I have my own experience in the kitchen. It is so tired to work in the kitchen for 5 hours especially work with my partner that I cannot be coorperate together with him. It really give me hard time physically and mentally. There are many new recipes that I have learn in western kitchen. I learned how to cut vegetable, meat, fish and chicken. I also learned to make breakfast, soup, sauces, stock and so on that was very interesting.

I got a lot of friends from my courses and others . I have a lot of fun with them. They all make me happy and comfortable here. We are always making a plan and a something together like a big famly. Im also having my fasting month with my frends in campus. Its quiet different having it here compare with my previous school. Alhamdulillah the last fasting month I had a full fast because get a support from my friends. There are lot that I can share here about my experience in last semester. See again on the next entry..GO GO CHAIYOK!!! and ASSALAMUALAIKUM...

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