Sunday, February 8, 2009

How I Spent My Holiday

Finally the time that I really waiting had came..The holiday that only one week must be filled with good activities and I must enjoyed it..First holiday, I wasted my time for 6hours in the bus to reach KL and then take another bus to get back Ipoh..I wasted my time for a half day to reach my homeplace..For the second day, I had followed my friend’s wedding convoy to Kulim,Kedah..It took 4 hours to arrive at our destination..We spent our time there for 2 days..Before went home,we stop at Penang for a while to meet our old friend..He treat us ‘Laksa Penang’ and ‘Cendol..After that, we continued our journey to home..

My next holiday, I spent my time with my family..My family and I went to Pangkor..We spent our holiday at Pangkor for 2days..We bought salted fish as a souvenir for my grandmother and grandfather at village..On Friday, I spent my time with my friends..We went to Dataran Ipoh to see classic motocycle exhibition..There were many Vespa collection since 1949 to 1989..The day I hated so much which was Saturday was arrived at last..I had to get back to Uitm..It was my responsibility as a student to continue my study…

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